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Wednesday, December 1 Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, Decembrer 2


the Trep Agency present
Wizard Fest
Harry Potter Yule Ball

  7:30p / doors 6:30p
  $15 / w/ Wand $27 / VIP $50 (advance)
  all ages

For those of you who thought you'd missed out on your Hogwarts acceptance letter, we are pleased to announce you have mail!

We are tremendously excited to inform you that you have been invited to the Wizard Fest Yule Ball, a harry potter themed trivia and themed party with a holiday twist!

Dont forget to take a trip to Madam Malkin's Robes in Diagon Alley before attending. A reward of 61 galleons, 13 sickles & 10 knuts will be given to the best dressed and you have a chance to win your very own magical prizes by posting on the event wall!

The party includes a costume contest with a Triwizard Tournament that includes Trivia, Quidditch & Scavenger Hunt and other wizard themed games!

There will also be Vendors, Performers and miscellaneous entertainment throughout the event along with themed cocktails and more!

Festivities include:
- The Weird Sisters are NOT playing
- The Witch Weekly & WWN (world wizarding network) will NOT be here

What house are you?
Take the official sorting hat quiz:

No costume, no worries!
Dress in your house colors!

Strictly no admittance of any owls OR cats OR toads.

- Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

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Friday, Decembrer 3


Irvington Holiday Open House

  5:00p / doors 10:00p
  all ages

Join the Irvington Merchants Association and all of Irvington to celebrate the Holiday. Enjoy music, a visit with Santa, specials on food and products provided by Irvington Merchants, and all that Irvington has to offer.

At the Irving Theater we have the Holiday Market presenting crafts, gifts, and products from local vendors and crafters. While doing your Holiday shopping listing to music from the Crossroads Brass Band Christmas Tubas, local Christmas Carolers, and others.

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, Decembrer 4


the School of Rock Fishers presents
Fall 2021 Performance Show

  11:00a / doors 10:30a
  all ages

School of Rock Fishers present the 2021 Performance Program Fall Show! Students will be performing selections from some of their favorite performers and bands. Schedule for the day:

11:00 - 11:20 - Monday Early Rock 101
11:30 -- 1:00 - New Wave
1:30 --- 1:50 - Monday Late Rock 101
2:00 --- 3:00 - Best of 2000's
4:00 --- 4:20 - Tuesday Early Rock 101
4:30 --- 6:00 - The Rolling Stones
6:30 --- 6:50 - Wednesday Late Rock 101
7:00 --- 8:30 - Van Halen

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Sunday, Decembrer 5


the School of Rock Fishers presents
Fall 2021 Performance Show

  12:30p / doors 12:00noon
  all ages

School of Rock Fishers present the 2021 Performance Program Fall Show! Students will be performing selections from some of their favorite performers and bands. Schedule for the day:

12:30 - 12:50 - Thursday Early Rock 101
1:30 --- 1:45 - 90's Rock
2:30 --- 2:50 - Thursday Late Rock 101
3:00 --- 4:30 - Fleetwood Mac vs The Eagles
5:00 --- 5:45 - Rocker Moms Present "Women of Rock"
6:15 --- 7:30 - Adult Band presents "Kiss"

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Monday, December 6 Acoustic Open Mic

Wednesday, December 8 Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, December 9 Poetry Open Mic

Saturday, December 11


LEO Presents present
The Abyss Strikes Back Tour
Unleash The Archers
Aether Realm
Seven Kingdoms
Eliot Bigger

  6:00p / doors 5:30p
  $25 (advance)
  all ages

Unleash The Archers were formed in 2007 by front-woman Brittney Slayes, together with her partner and the band’s drummer Scott Buchanan, while attending the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. After moving to Vancouver in 2010 the band underwent several lineup changes, but were finally able to cement their unique, genre-blending style of heavy metal with the addition of Grant Truesdell in 2011 and Andrew Kingsley in 2013. By weaving the aggression of the more extreme genres into the intricacies of traditional heavy metal, UTA have created a sound unlike anything else in the industry. They embrace a commercial appeal that attracts music lovers of all types while maintaining a heavy edge that remains true to their death metal roots. Since their inception UTA have always put an emphasis on touring, and travelled the roads by van booking their own North American tours for years before being picked up by an agent in 2016. Their persistent, hard-working, down-to-earth attitude has garnered media attention all over the world, and their constant engagement on social platforms of all types has allowed for consistent growth and a dedicated, positively engaged fanbase that spans continents.

UTA have been described as “show-stealers” and “wildly entertaining” by fans and peers alike, and they strive to put on a show that will stick with you long after you’ve left the venue. Playing music is a passion for the band and this can be seen in their live performance as well as their music videos and writing style.
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May We Suggest A Pleace To Dine
May We Suggest Some Nearby Shops

Monday, December 13 Acoustic Open Mic

Wednesday, December 15 Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, December 16 Poetry Open Mic

Monday, December 20 Acoustic Open Mic

Wednesday, December 22 Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, December 23 Poetry Open Mic

Monday, December 27 Acoustic Open Mic

Wednesday, December 29 Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, December 30 Poetry Open Mic

Coming in 2022

Coming in Feburary

Sunday, February 6


LEO Presents present
The Red 4 Filth Tour

  8:30p / doors 7:00p
  $25 (advance) / VIP MEET & GREET $95 / ULTRA $249 (advance)
  all ages

A bizarre cosmic collision propelled Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 to Earth in March 1966: and on to the fifth season of Logo TV’s RuPaul's Drag Race in January 2013. Still radioactive, no one knows who or what she is yet, but no one cares, as long as she never returns to her native planet. Her age and species remain unknown to the public, but a few of her enemies claim to hold copies of her spawning record and universal passport.

After her spaceship crashed in the Matanuska Valley, a remote part of south-central Alaska, the U.S. government recovered an emaciated… make that, an emancipated alien, with a 1972 issue of Vanity Fair and a can of Tab, or that's how the story goes. Why she needed an Elmer's glue stick, no one has determined. She refuses to acknowledge it was in her possession. Few believe the wreckage was really smoldering, since magazines tend to burn, and cynics wonder if she was actually held captive in a research facility, or entertained by the night watchman until he got bored with her in the 1980s. She’s supposedly on the run from officials, but everyone knows they take off their uniforms and sneak into the clubs where she performs. Some turned into groupies and hang around long after the shows are over.

A well-traveled, campy extraterrestrial does have her perks and her irritations. Transients and drifters are directed to the nearest black hole via her pre-screw-you GPS navigation, and drug-addled layabouts are allowed to create their own black holes. She promises to upload each and everyone into the system. How dangerous can Thunderfuck be?

As dangerous as a black hole.

Watch this rare, magnificent being as she lights up televisions throughout the world on another of RuPaul's extravaganzas. No, you won't end up a cancer-stricken lab rat. The screen acts as a radiation shield to protect you from this renegade.
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May We Suggest A Pleace To Dine
May We Suggest A Pleace To Shop

Friday, February 25


LEO Presents present
The Trophies World Tour
Greyson Chance

  7:00p / doors 6:00p
  $20 (advance) / MEET & GREET add $30 (advance)
  all ages

Singer/songwriter Greyson Chance is an emotive, pop-oriented artist known for his lyrical, often piano-based material. Chance first garnered attention online before breaking through with his 2011 debut, Hold on 'Til the Night, which hit number 29 on the Billboard 200. His sound has grown ever more nuanced, incorporating textured electronic production alongside his acoustic work.

Chance first began playing piano at age eight. In April 2010, a video of Chance performing Lady Gaga's Paparazzi at his middle-school talent show was uploaded to YouTube and went viral. It soon caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who invited the 12-year-old to perform on her show, and eventually signed him to her then newly launched eleveneleven record label. A deal with Interscope followed, and in December 2010 he delivered his debut single, Waiting Outside the Lines. The full-length Hold on 'Til the Night followed in 2011 and cracked the Top 40 during its first week of release. The EP Truth Be Told, Pt. 1 arrived in 2012.

Chance continued to tour and record over the next few years. As he matured his voice deepened, and his taste shifted toward nuanced indie rock and alternative electronic pop. He showcased this sophisticated sound on his 2016 EP Somewhere Over My Head. Included on the set were the singles Afterlife Hit & Run and Back on the Wall. Also that year, he guested on tyDi and Jack Novak's dance track Oceans. Chance came out as gay in July 2017, making the announcement via social media and stating that he was happy and proud of who he was. The dramatic single Low followed that December. A spate of singles appeared over the next year including Lighthouse a collaboration with DJ/producer Fabian Mazur, Good as Gold and Twenty One.

In 2019, Chance delivered his sophomore full-length album, Portraits, which featured production by Willy Beaman, Christian Medice, and Todd Spadafore. Included was the single Shut Up. The EP Trophies arrives in June 2021, as did the stand-alone track Hellboy.
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Coming in March

Wednesday, March 30


Mark Gasper present
The Prog/Psychedelic Rock Band on its "Vinyl Sides Live" Tour

  7:30p / doors 7:00p
  $35 - $65 / VIP Meet & Greet $85 - $115 (advance)
  all ages

Prog/Psychedelic band Nektar's eagerly awaited return to the road, performing album sides from their classic '70s LPs plus new material.

For more than 50 years, NEKTAR has taken legions of fans on audio-visual journeys with their immersive blend of sight and sound. These prog-rock pioneers have been champing at the bit to get back on the road, after performing in Indy on February 29th last year. The band is excited to return to Indy this September 29th.

The "Vinyl Sides Live" Tour marks Nektar's eagerly awaited return to the road, spotlighting some of the best-loved "album sides" from their evergreen 1970s/1980s catalog, as well as 2020’s acclaimed release, "The Other Side", plus new material.

Nektar has captured the imagination and admiration of listeners the world over with their multi-media concerts, melding a jam-band vibe with superb musicality and a visual cornucopia that perfectly complements the performance. A Nektar show is an unparalleled feast for the senses.

Join us for a night of prog, psychedelic and mystical music.
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