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Monday, December 8th Acoustic Ascent Open Mic

Thursday, December 11th Poetry Open Mic

Saturday, December 13th

proudly servicing
Chef Dan's Bee Coffee Roasters
the Irving Theater welcomes
Alternative Gift Fair

Saturday, December 13  |  10:00a to 4:00p  |  free

The Indianapolis Alternative Gift Fair aims to be a positive shopping experience, exclusively featuring contemporary locally handmade crafts and goods.  The Holiday show includes select locally owned small retailers, with a emphasis on hand made, and progressive nonprofit organizations.

This year's fair includes 35 local homemade Artist, Art, Accessories, Bath and Body Products, Clothing, Dog Treats, Fiber, Food, Jewelry, Paper Goods, Photogrpahy, Pottery, and much more.
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Donation will be collected to support the work of The Poorhouse.  Please donate men's socks, tooth brushes, toothpaste, and deodorant needed for those experiencing homelessness this winter.

Saturday, December 13th

Transylvanian Lip Treatment presents
Midnight Picture Show
USA 1975 | digital | Dir: Jim Sharman | 100min | R


Saturday, December 13  |  Midnight  |  $6
17+ unless accompanying parent or adult guardian


This campy cult classic (which unfortunately, we can't name here, but you can watch the trailer over there) is the most popular midnight movie of all time.  A corn-fed all-American couple stumbles onto a creepy castle one night when their car breaks down, entering a world they never dreamed existed. The castle turns out to be inhabited by a collection of kinky Transylvanian freaks led by a mad bisexual transvestite.  The film gained notoriety as the most successful midnight movie ever, in which hundreds of cult fans show up in costume and act out scenes from the movie.

You are not allowed to bring your own props.  Prop kits are available at the show.  Prop kits include rice (during the wedding scene at the very beginning, throw yours in celebration), a newspaper (during the rain scene, keep dry), noise maker (during the creation speech, celebrate and MAKE SOME NOISE), toilet paper (when the doctor breaks through the lab wall, hurl your "scotts" tissue), and toast (make your toast during the birthday dinner...toss it), will be available at the show for $4.  YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME IN COSTUME.

Doors open at 11:00pm.  Virgin sacrifice before the show.  The movie begins at Midnight.
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Next Midnight Picture Show - Saturday, January 17

Sunday, December 14th

the Irving Theater welcomes
Bentley Caldwell
My Sweet Fall (acoustic)

Sunday, December 14  |  6:00p  |  $10 / $12 dos

Tenasie Bowe & Matt Keyler, combining their songwriting and performance skills to create a unique and refreshing sound, make up the Americana/Pop/Country duo Tenasie.  Coming from two different sides of the country (Bowe, Las Vegas and Keyler, Indianapolis), they both moved to Nashville in pursuit of furthering their solo careers. First meeting in January 2013, later that spring they played in their first writer’s round together and felt an instant chemistry through similar writing styles and an undeniable blend of their voices.  Immediately the two began writing together and forming a band to perform as the new act “Tenasie".  In the past year, they have earned the title of "Best Country Duo/Group" of 2013 and 2014 by the Nashville Independent Music Awards, as well as " Best Country Group" and "Best Americana Group" of 2014 by the International Music and Entertainment Association.  Currently they are performing their debut EP locally and nationally!
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Most artists have a clear concept of their genre and writing style. But every once in a while, an artist comes along as an exception, and transcends genres.  Bentley Caldwell is such an artist.

Based in Nashville, but a native son of Kentucky, Bentley Caldwell is a singer-songwriter not to be overlooked. Genuine and deep-knitted, his lyrics fit seamlessly into his music, which is best described as a special blend of soul, blues, and folk.  Bentley’s music is simple and beautiful, yet haunting and heartfelt, beckoning comparisons to artists like Ben Harper, Ray LaMontagne, and Amos Lee.

In March of 2014, Bentley released his first EP, A Place to Be, garnering great response.  A Place to Be has been noted as “soulful, smooth, deep, and meaningful.”  In short, Bentley Caldwell is a breath of fresh air in the world of music.
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Monday, December 15th Acoustic Ascent Open Mic

Tuesday, December 16th

available now
I Can Only Blame Myself

the Irving Theater welcomes
The I Can Only Blame Myself Winter Tour
Dear You
The Red Streak
Chin Up, Kid
The Beautiful Display

Tuesday, December 16  |  6:30p  |  $8  

Sometimes it only takes a single listen of a single song to know a band is headed to bigger places than the bar in their hometown.  For Southeast Texas pop-punk trio Dear You, it is more than just playing music with their best friends, they are here with a statement.  Dear You is a band that drives upbeat and thoughtful instrumentals with emotional lyrics and gritty vocals, directing intensity and force into their music.

Drawing musical inspiration from The Dangerous Summer and The Wonder Years, Dear You got their start in 2010 and within the next two years they thrived.  They were included in Rock Sound Magazine's Band's To Know in 2012, in Alternative Press AP&R section in 2012 and 2013, and secured an opening slot on a few dates of the Heart Attack Tour 2014 (Man Overboard, Transit).  Now a year later, the band has solidified their lineup of Chris Roach (vocals), Thomas Marsella (guitar), and Louis Moore (drums) with new material released this year.

Taking pride in a deep connection with their fan base, Dear You has proven that the short time they have been together is only the beginning.
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Thursday, December 18th Poetry Open Mic

Friday, December 19th

NUVO Members Pick
Segment of Society Productions presents
Songwriter's Circle
Wisdom and Folly (Indianapolis)
Nicky Rood (West Lafayette)
Mike Wells & Michael Clark (Indianapolis)

Friday, December 19  |  8:00p  |  free

Caleb and Amy met while attending Anderson University.  As they got to know each other they realized they shared some similar experiences.  Caleb survived Bacterial Meningitis and Amy, childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  They both grew up in Christian homes with parents who encouraged their love for music and songwriting

. Together they have experienced a rollercoaster of heartbreak and healing, and the beauty of grace and redemption.  Their songs are an honest reflection of their personal struggles as individuals and as a married couple, as well as life experiences they've witnessed through others.

The idea for the name Wisdom and Folly stems from Proverbs 14:8:  "The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception."  Over the course of their individual lives and marriage Caleb and Amy have experienced the tragedy of foolishness and the sweetness of wisdom.  The battle between wisdom and folly is ever present, but they bear the marks of forgiveness and their music is, and will continue to be, a truthful reflection of that struggle.
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Nicky Rood is "part of the top 2 percentile of...pop vocalists in the nation" according to youngARTS, the leading organization in discovering young and up-coming talent.  She is a youngARTS winner and Presidential Scholar in the Arts semi-finalist.  This Berklee College of Music graduate received her Bachelor of Music in 2013 with a primary study in songwriting.  By the time she was fifteen, Nicky had written/recorded over fifty songs, and performed solo at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.  While attending Berklee on scholarship, she was a soloist with "Rhythm of the Universe" at Symphony Hall.  In her final semester, she was awarded the SESAC scholarship for “excellence and great promise in songwriting.”  She is honored to have shared the stage with Willie Nelson, Carole King, and Annie Lennox at Agganis Arena. Rood lived in Nashville Tennessee, for a year after graduating from Berklee and currently resides in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Rood balances her music career in both Indiana and Nashville.  Without the love and guidance of Jesus, NONE of this would be possible.  Thanks to Him, her beloved family, friends, and fans for their endless love and support.
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Monday, December 22nd Acoustic Ascent Open Mic

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