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Wednesday, September 3rd Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, September 4th

Whoosierscene presents
Our Last Night
Too Close To Touch
The Day After
Hearts Like Hell

Thursday, September 4  |  7:00p  |  $12 / $15  (dos)

Founded in 2004, the New Hampshire-based screamo quintet Our Last Night is comprised of childhood friends Trevor Wentworth (vocals), Matt Wentworth (guitar, vocals), Alex Woodrow (bass), Colin Perry (guitar), and Tim Molloy (drums).  Combining the melodic structures of emo with the guttural sounds of hardcore, Our Last Night sporadically toured the New England area for three years, releasing several EPs and self-made demos along the way.  These recordings found their way to Epitaph Records, where label owner Brett Gurewitz took interest in the band's maturity and wide-ranging vocals.  The label signed Our Last Night in the summer of 2007, and the group soon headed west to record its debut album.  Completed later that year, The Ghosts Among Us was released in early 2008, followed quickly two years later by We Will All Evolve in 2010. For their next album the band began to refine their sound, moving towards a more melodic, post-hardcore with few metal moments on their third album, 2012's Age of Ignorance.
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Thursday, September 4th Poetry Open Mic

Monday, Setember 8th Acoustic Ascent Open Mic

Friday, Setember 12th

"Scary Clown Rescue"
  World Premiere

   USA 2014 | digital | Dir:  Joey Jessup | 90min | NR

Friday, September 12th  |  8:00p  |  free

Scary Clown Rescue is a reality show competition in which failing clowns compete in framework challenges accessing their clown skills.  The judges are former clowns and experts.  One clown being eliminated each episode until one remains for the grand prize of $100,000!

Are you scary enough for Scary Clown Rescue? Shot entirely at the Irving Theater.

Saturday, September 13th

Hapless Guitar presents
Irvington's Own
see what talent calls Irvington home
Gordon Bonham Blues Band
Shelby County Sinners
Mina & The Wondrous Flying Machine
James Kramer

Saturday, September 13  |  7:00p  |  $8 / $10 (dos)

Gordon Bonham brings together a mix of styles from the Mississippi Delta to the back alleys of Chicago, from big Texas shuffles to jumpin’ West Coast swing.  After several years of tearing up the road, Bonham brings it all together in Indiana, the Crossroads of America.

Bonham has performed several times with the legendary Pinetop Perkins, most notably in Cleveland along with Robert Lockwood, Jr. as part of the grand opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  He played off and on for ten years with the late Indianapolis blues mandolin man, “Yank” Rachell, as well as Chicago piano man Jimmy Walker. Gordon has worked three times with Bo Diddley as band leader and rang in the 2000 new year at the Slippery Noodle playing with Blues Brother Matt “Guitar” Murphy.  Other notable gigs include a mini tour with “Ice Cream Man” John Brimm and sharing the Main Stage at the Chicago Blues Fest with Billy Boy Arnold and the late Sunny Land Slim.  Bonham has also opened for such greats as Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Solomon Burke and B.B.King.

Locally, Bonham was a founding member of the critically acclaimed Cooler Kings, followed by the Gordon Bonham Blues Band.  Their album Low Down and Blue was chosen by David Lindquist of The Indianapolis Star as no.3 of the Top Ten Releases of 1999.  He continues to be a host of the blues jam at the world famous Slippery Noodle Inn and appears every Monday with Indy’s favorite “all star band” Soul Bus.

With two European tours and a growing list of memorable gigs, the credentials continue to stack up, making Gordon Bonham’s music a must have for anyone who appreciates serious and soulful blues.
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Mina & The Wondrous Flying Machine are a piano-driven cross-pollination of singer-songwriter, indie rock and a hint of jazz using lush chords and impulsive horn lines to create their distinctive sound.  Their songs have been described as “if Joni Mitchell and Aimee Mann had a baby with Charles Mingus.”  Live shows have emphasized variety and spontaneity, from didgeridoos to impromptu rappers to homemade megaphones and banging on alarm bells.  The Wondrous Flying Machine try to be as adventurous and honest as they can, but most of all grateful to be making music wherever they may go.  Founder Mina Keohane was forming ripples in the Indianapolis music scene as a jazz composer with her group making stops at Indy Jazz Fest and landing the cover of Intake Magazine, a feature in Nuvo and Indy Men’s Magazine.  Deciding to take a break from instrumental music and going back to her roots as a singer, Mina put together the Wondrous Flying Machine as the vehicle for a new adventure in songwriting.
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Friday, September 19th

Segment of Society Productions presents
Songwriter's Circle
Joe Augustin (Richmond)
Briagha McTavish (Lafayette)
Kevin Bond (Indianapolis)
Haley Jonay (Greenfield)

Friday, September 19  |  8:00p  |  free

Joe Augustin is an eclectic folk blues singer-songwriter with indie rock roots, who performs and records under the name Achilles Tenderloin.  His music is notable for its heavily textured lyrics, passionate vocals and unique guitar style.

Briagha McTavish can't remember a time when she didn't write music.  It's just what she does.  The same thing goes for singing and playing piano and guitar.  She just loves it.

Hopefully, you love music as much as she does. And if you do, you'll get along just fine.

Whether she's writing an original song or just listening to someone else's, she like music that's real and tells a story that draws you in so far you feel like it's a part of you.  She like music that's full of life, that has a melody that soars, and is meaningful
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At five years-old Haley was putting on concerts in her living room for her family;  admission was a nickel.  Eleven years later she is playing to crowds of thousands everywhere from the Simply Music Festival to Indiana Grand Racing & Casino.  Haley Jonay has always had a love for performing.  She has an indescribable stage presence and connection with the audience.  She has been singing since she was a toddler and writing songs since her childhood.  Haley Jonay taught herself to play piano when she was nine, and guitar at age eleven.  Haley Jonay leaves an everlasting impression on all who listen to her music.

"...a really beautiful voice" - Platinum-Selling, Singer/Songwriter Ed Sheeran
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Next Songwriter's Circle - Friday, October 24

Saturday, September 20th

Transylvanian Lip Treatment presents
Midnight Picture Show
USA 1975 | digital | Dir: Jim Sharman | 100min | R

Saturday, September 20  |  Midnight  |  $6
17+ unless accompanying parent or adult guardian

This campy cult classic (which unfortunately, we can't name here, but you can watch the trailer over there) is the most popular midnight movie of all time.  A corn-fed all-American couple stumbles onto a creepy castle one night when their car breaks down, entering a world they never dreamed existed. The castle turns out to be inhabited by a collection of kinky Transylvanian freaks led by a mad bisexual transvestite.  The film gained notoriety as the most successful midnight movie ever, in which hundreds of cult fans show up in costume and act out scenes from the movie.

You are not allowed to bring your own props.  Prop kits are available at the show.  Prop kits include rice (during the wedding scene at the very beginning, throw yours in celebration), a newspaper (during the rain scene, keep dry), noise maker (during the creation speech, celebrate and MAKE SOME NOISE), toilet paper (when the doctor breaks through the lab wall, hurl your "scotts" tissue), and toast (make your toast during the birthday dinner...toss it), will be available at the show for $4.  YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME IN COSTUME.

Doors open at 11:00pm.  Virgin sacrifice before the show.  The movie begins at Midnight.
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Next Midnight Picture Show - Saturday, October 25

Wednesday, September 24th

Humble Beast Records presents
The Crimson Cord Tour
+ Support (TBA)
DJ Efechto

Wednesday, September 24  |  8:00p  |  $10 / $15 (dos)

Dynamic, soulful, experimental, and clever, all focused on the heart of a person.  With an uncompromising message intertwined with hot rhythms and beats, Los Angeles based, Propabanda, lyrically puts together potent relevant music that reaches across the spectrum of youth and pop culture.  Bringing with him years of classroom teaching and community service experience, he is eloquently bold in the message of each song and never shies away from a strong poetic element in his music.  His Subject matter ranges from staying accountable God as well as standing up boldly for one's faith both in word and in one's life.  Not to mention aggressive battle rap and political awareness opening up for and performing with such groups as De La Soul, The Visionaries, Lightheaded, Ahmad & 4th Avenue Jones, LA Symphony and touring with none other than the Blastmaster KRS ONE, Propaganda is no stranger to live shows.  Music lovers all over the country proclaim, after a Propaganda show, "He Sounds like no one else out there.  Nobody performs like him!  His sound and style is completely his own!"  Not to mention being highly respected in the LA underground scene, a familiar face in places like A Mic and Dim lights and the Famous collective called Foundation, he is also one of the main topics of chat rooms on many Hip-Hop related sites.  "Props" has gained a national and international following which landed him in London, Cameroon television and radio and Nigeria to name a few.  After years of training being the youngest member of the Los Angeles based mega crew The Tunnel Rats, he now boasts full-length albums, two feature films, countless cameo appearances and a chance to write with and perform with Krs One.  From aggressive Battle raps over Norma Jean, Face to Face and Static Lullaby guitar licks, to smooth introspective soul rhythms, to the head nodding beats and rhymes California is known for, Propaganda is the total package.  Do not let His name fool you.  He is not simply Gossip and rumors. He is the truth.  Come and see.
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Jeremiah “JGivens” Givens was born in Los Angeles.  During the early 1990s Los Angeles experienced an all time peak of gang violence and drugs;  to avoid this, at the age of five is mother relocated to “Sin City” Las Vegas.  Although Las Vegas proved to have much less gang violence, sex, drug, and perversion were still inescapable for youth there.  JGivens was raised in a single-parent Christian family and was taught from the Bible at a young age by his mother.  From elementary school, Givens would live to aspire to be a mechanical engineer specializing in rollercoaster and ride design.  By the end of high school, Givens was a youth leader and minister at his church, graduated with honors at the top of his class, led a prolific youth ministry and community service outlet, played in the city Honors Orchestra, was admitted to the University of Southern California – Viterbi School of Engineering, and would be expelled from school his senior year for drug possession and sent to opportunity correctional school—not quite the perfect all-American picture, but where sin abounded, grace abounds moreover.  In lieu, Givens would soon continue on to the University of Southern California where he continued to be heavily involved in academics and community, yet continued to recreationally use and sell drugs, party, and practice sexual immorality.  But God never ceased to speak to Givens even in his complacent lifestyle of sin.  In his fourth year at the University, Givens began to fully surrender to Christ in his actions and lifestyle, and began to shed the secret sins that he was indulging in.  A fast would change the complete spectrum of Givens’ future. During a time of fasting God revealed something COMPLETELY NEW to Givens’ life—the gift of lyricism.  Givens had never rapped and officially written any piece until this time period.  His friends encouraged him to get a cheap microphone and make a Mixtape, and so he did.  The response was surprisingly positive, so in his final semester of engineering school, JGivens began to compose a mixtape.  He released it in June of 2010 just post graduation and the journey in music began there.  Givens has spent his his post-graduate years persuing music and outreach in Las Vegas.
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Friday, September 26th

"Maybe This Place..."
Maybe This Place Is the Same and We're Just Changing
available now
Whoosierscene presents
Real Friends
Don't Call It A Comeback
Drop The Anchor
My Sweet Fall

Friday, September 26  |  7:00p  |  $15  

One of Alternative Press' Most Anticipated Bands of 2014, Real Friends is an emo/pop punk band from the south side of Chicago.  With their "do it yourself" attitude, they rapidly became one of the biggest unsigned bands in the genre, gaining the respect of bands and fans all over the map, signing to Fearless Records in December 2013.  Real Friends continues to grow in popularity daily with their hard work, relatable lyrics, energetic music, and dedicated fan base.
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Friday, October 3rd Irvington Ghost Tours

Friday, October 3rd

part of
Irvington First Friday
the Indiana Electro-Music Group presents
Irvington First Friday

with music by:
Perfect Villain (Chicago)
Rob Funkhouse (Bloomington)
Veronica Pejril (Greencastle)

with video by:
Joe Howard

and with art by:
Kyle Schroeder
Beth Ann Broadhurst

Friday, October 3  |  7:00p to 10:00p  |  free ($5 suggested)

Perfect Villain is a Chicago based duo.   New to the scene, Perfect Villain explores experimental music with an electronic sound that has a glitch hop feel and taste.   Their music bring the listen into and out of another world. They are signed to Des Moines-based experimental record label The Centipede Farm.

Rob Funkhouse is a composer, performer, and instrument builder living in Indianapolis.  He graduated from Indiana University, where he studied music composition under Dr. Elliott Miles McKinley and Dr. Peter Farmer.  He has been involved in a number of solo, collaborative, and recording projects ranging from small band settings to an orchestral concerto.  His current projects include electric kalimba construction, solo percussion performances, electronic music, and a violin sonata.
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Veronica Pejril received a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master of Fine Arts from Princeton University, in Music Composition.  She studied composition and computer/electronic music techniques with Paul Lansky, Steven Mackey and Milton Babbitt, with a special compositional focus on "installation music," that fits a particular environment.  Her music has been featured at exhibits, including installations at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.  Prior to arriving at DePauw, Veronica taught music and humanities courses for the City Colleges of Chicago, directed the music program for a private K-8 school in northwest Indiana, co-directed the student-run Princeton University Jazz Ensemble, and been co-manager of the Princeton University Electronic Music Studio.
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Saturday, October 4th Irvington Ghost Tours

Thursday, October 16th

By-A-Thread presents
Stray From The Path
My Ticket Home

Thursday, October 16  |  6:30p  |  $13 / $15 (dos)

A hardcore and metal punk band out of Long Island, Stray From The Path were formed in 2001 by Thomas Williams, John Kane, Justin Manas, Ed Edge, and Frank Correira.  The original lineup released a debut full-length, Audio Prozac, in 2003, following it with Our Oceania in 2005, after which singer Edge left the band and was replaced by Andrew Dijorio, otherwise known as Drew York.  Villains appeared in 2008, after which the lineup changed again, with Ryan Thompson replacing Correira on bass, Manas moving from drums to guitar to replace Kane, and a new drummer, Dan Bourke, coming aboard. Signing with Sumerian Records, this was the lineup that recorded and released 2009's Make Your Own History, following it with Rising Sun in 2011 and Anonymous in 2013.
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Saturday, October 18th

By-A-Thread presents
Wonderful World Tour
Aaron Carter
Joe Jacobs
+ Support (TBA)

Saturday, October 18  |  7:30p  |  $15 / $18 (dos) / $65 (VIP)

Aaron Carter became an international pop sensation at the age of 10 and went on to release several hit singles and multiplatinum albums as well as appear in film, television and on Broadway.  Carter recently finished a successful North American tour performing songs he made famous during the past 15 years.  He is currently recording a new album and preparing for his next tour.  Carter, now 26, began his career at the age of 7 singing lead for the band Dead End.  Two years later in 1997 he made his first solo appearance when he opened for brother Nick Carter’s band the Backstreet Boys in Berlin, Germany.  Within months Carter was signed to a record label and released his first hit single, “Crush On You,” followed by his first album, “Aaron Carter” which achieved gold status in several countries around the world.  After signing with Jive Records the following year,  Carter released his next album, “Aaron’s Party” in 2000, which was an instant success and went triple platinum selling more than 3 million copies.  “Oh Aaron” was released in 2001, which also went platinum, followed by the double platinum album “Another Earthquake” in 2002.  His collection album, “Most Requested Hits,” was released in 2003, followed by “Come Get It: The Very Best of Aaron Carter” in 2006.  One of the top pop acts of his time, Carter regularly toured around the world performing for millions of adoring fans.  His best-known singles include “I Want Candy,” “Aaron’s Party,”  “That’s How I Beat Shaq,” “Oh Aaron” and “I’m All About You.”  Carter was also the featured opening act for the world tour of Britney Spears.  In 2013 Carter kicked-off the “After Party Tour,” his first tour in eight years, which was initially scheduled for 80 shows across North America but quickly grew to more than 150 dates after strong initial ticket sales.  Carter’s television credits include “Lizzie McGuire,” “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch,” “7th Heaven,” “Family Affair” and “Figure it Out.”  Films include “Ella Enchanted,” “Fat Albert,” “PopStar” and “Supercross.”  He has performed on soundtracks for motion pictures such as “The Princess Diaries,” “A Cinderella Story” and “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.” On Broadway,  Carter appeared in “Seussical,” the Dr. Seuss themed musical, and more recently completed a 400-performance stint in “The Fantastiks,” the longest-running musical in the world.  A new generation of fans got introduced to Carter when he joined the cast of the hit ABC primetime series “Dancing With The Stars.”  Carter and his partner, Karina Smirnoff, finished in fifth place in the competition.  Carter has won multiple awards, including the Teen Choice Award, Kids’ Choice Award and Radio Disney Music Award and is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest singer to have four consecutive top ten singles in the U.K.  He has performed live around the world to crowds of more than 1 million fans, was a featured performer for the “Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration” and has performed at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Billboard Music Awards, the People’s Choice Awards and the American Music Awards.
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Monday, October 20th

part of the
The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival

the 68th Annual Irvington Halloween Festival presents
Slightly Haunted Puppet Show
featuring the Melchior Marionettes

Monday, October 20  |  6:30p  |  free

Representing three generations of puppeteers, the Melchior Marionettes have been a favorite for over 50 years.  For the seventh year these magical puppets will be entertaining both young and old as part of The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival.  The Halloween program features beautiful hand-crafted and costumed marionettes performing in full view of the audience.  The cast includes dancing ghosts and skeletons, a juggling scarecrow, a flying Purple People Eater, and Esmerelda the witch, while Dracula welcomes visitors from a second story ghost house.

Since 1952, the have been performing the Melchior Marionettes throughout the US Midwest, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  Most recently, they performed in Shanghai, China, at Century Park for their National Day Celebration.  Beautiful hand crafted and costumed marionettes are performed in full view of the audience.  This show has been an extremely popular event for children and we expect a large crowd.  So please arrive early to get a good seat.

Wednesday, October 22nd

part of the
The Historic Irvington Halloween Festival

the 68th Annual Irvington Halloween Festival presents
"Young Frankenstein"
USA 1974 | 35mm | Dir:  Mel Brooks | 106min | PG


Wednesday, October 23  |  8:00p  |  $5

Frankenstein quickly returns to Transylvania and the old ancestral castle, where he is awaited by the faithful houseboy Igor, the voluptuous lab assistant Inga, and the mysterious housekeeper Frau Blucher, whose very name causes horses to rear in fright.  The young man had always rejected his grandfather’s medical experiments as impossible, but he changes his mind after he discovers a book entitled How I Did It by Victor Frankenstein.  Now all that’s involved is a little grave-robbing and a trip to the handy local Brain Depository, and the Frankenstein family is back in business.

In his two best comedies, before this, “The Producers” and “Blazing Saddles,” Brooks revealed a rare comic anarchy.  His movies weren’t just funny, they were aggressive and subversive, making us laugh even when we really should have been offended.  (Explaining this process, Brooks once loftily declared, “My movies rise below vulgarity.”)  “Young Frankenstein” is as funny as we expect a Mel Brooks comedy to be, but it’s more than that:  It shows artistic growth and a more sure-handed control of the material by a director who once seemed willing to do literally anything for a laugh.  It’s more confident and less breathless.

From its opening title (which manages to satirize “Frankenstein” and “Citizen Kane” at the same time) to its closing, uh, refrain, “Young Frankenstein” is not only a Mel Brooks movie but also a loving commentary on our love-hate affairs with monsters.  This time, the monster even gets to have a little love-hate affair of his own.   -Robert Ebert

Saturday, November 1st

proudly serving
Fountain Square Brewing
at this event

NapTown Sounds presents
New Old Cavalry
Kaleidoscope Jukebox

Saturday, November 1  |  8:00p  |  $10

Naptown Sounds is proud to bring a new live music experience to the Indianapolis area!

Freakaphonics is an event that shifts the paradigm for common live music experiences.  Freakaphonics incorporates active surround-sound mixing of live bands, live “surround” video mixing/projection, and “surround” stage lighting.  Audience members will be able to experience their favorite bands in a professional, multi-dimensional environment.

Saturday, November 8th

Transylvania Lip Treatment presents
"Repo! The Genetic Opera"
    USA 2008 | digital | Dir:  Darren Lynn Bousman |98min | R

Saturday, November 8  |  Midnight  |  $8
17+ unless accompanying parent or adult guardian

In the not-so-distant future, a mass epidemic of organ failures has gripped the nation.  In the darkest of hours, a savior emerges:  The bio-tech company known as GeneCo.  GeneCo offers organ-financing for everyone.  But that’s not all…  GeneCo can help you with the latest in ocular technology and fashion, how to make brand names pop on an x-ray, choosing the right style of lungs this season, and the latest cure for blood diseases.  Come discover what the founder and CEO may be dying from, the secret he holds over a self-widowed Repo Man who’s hiding a daughter that shouldn’t even be alive, and who gets the company when he dies.  Come on, his choices are between a hair-trigger, obsessive-compulsive knife nut, a flamboyant, face-stealing rapist, and the spoiled princess who trades sex for drugs…  You know you wish you were on the front lines, watching that battle!  So hurry now…  Get your tickets, opera tickets…  And don’t be shy!

Doors open at 11:00pm.  Preshow is, well just before the show.  The movie begins at Midnight.

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