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Thursday, August 10 Poetry Open Mic

Thursday, August 10


Mad Hatter Shows present
Jimmie 'JJ' Walker
Rick Garrett

8:00p / doors 7:00p  |  $12 / VIP $17 advance

Rising from the streets of New York's ghettos to television superstardom, Jimmie 'JJ' Walker personifies the great American success story.  His catch phrase "Dyn-o-mite!" is part of the modern vernacular, and he became such a major celebrity in the 1970's that Time Magazine named him "Comedian of the Decade".

In those early days, doing "The Tonight Show" was a direct line to the Big Time. Brenner made it first, followed by Landesberg, Midler and Freddie Prinze, but by 1972 Jimmie still hadn't landed that "big break."  Then Brenner, Landesberg and Midler, scheduled for the powerhouse "Jack Paar Show", refused to appear unless Walker was also given a spot.  The Paar staff gave in, and were glad they did. Jimmie's first guest shot was successful beyond anyone's expectations.  Dan Rowan, who had seen the show, immediately flew Jimmie to Los Angeles to guest on a "Laugh In" special. That was followed by a second guest spot on "Jack Paar", and a contract with CBS to perform each week as the audience warm-up for the sitcom "Carlucci's Department".

The series of successes gave Walker the confidence to give up his day job, and in 1972 he was working as the main attraction in all the top comedy clubs.  His soaring popularity prompted Time Magazine to name him "Comedian of the Decade".

Spotted by the casting director for Norman Lear of "All in the Family" fame, Jimmie accepted a part in Lear's new urban-styled comedy series, "Good Times".  The role of the broadly strutting, wisecracking J.J. Evans would launch him into television superstardom. "Dyn-o-mite!" was the phrase that made him famous nationwide.  As "Good Times" enjoyed a six year run, Walker's fame grew exponentially. He was the first winner of the NAACP Image Award, and won a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.  He appeared on "The Mac Davis Show", "Donny and Marie", "The John Davidson Show", "The Merv Griffin Show", "Dinah", "The Mike Douglas Show", "The Hollywood Squares", and the "Match Game".  Clothing, tee-shirts and even a talking doll that blurted out his signature catch phrase were soon on store shelves everywhere.

Even with his demanding schedule, Jimmie continued to appear as the headliner at top comedy clubs, including the world famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles.  :His joke writing team included a young David Letterman, Jay Leno and Byron Allen. Walker's television work would lead to movie roles, like boxer Bootney Farnsworth in "Let's Do it Again", co-starring with entertainment luminaries Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby. Jimmie also released a smash comedy album, "Dyn-o-mite!" that went gold. When "Good Times" ended in 1979, Aaron Spelling offered Walker a starring role in the short-lived "B.A.D. Cats" and returned to cast him again in 1983 in "At Ease", an ABC series about a bunch of United States Army misfits.  He also landed choice roles in films like "Airplane!" and "Airport '79", and was a regular on television shows like "The Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island".  :In recent years he's made scene-stealing appearances on "The George Lopez Show", "Everybody Hates Chris" with Chris Rock, and "Scrubs".

But despite all Jimmie's success on the big and small screens, stand-up comedy remains his first love. Walker currently tours the country 35 to 45 weeks a year performing live, and guesting on game shows and late night television. In his spare time he writes s cripts for TV and movies, and continues to enjoy a comedy career now approaching five decades.
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Saturday, August 12 Game Night at 10 Johnson Avenue Coffeehouse

Saturday, August 12


Transylvanian Lip Treatment presents
Midnight Picture Show
US 1975 | digital | Dir: Jim Sharman | 100min | R

Midnight / doors 11:00p  |  $7 at the door
17+ unless accompanying parent or adult guardian

This campy cult classic (which unfortunately, we can't name here, but you can watch the trailer over there) is the most popular midnight movie of all time.  A corn-fed all-American couple stumbles onto a creepy castle one night when their car breaks down, entering a world they never dreamed existed. The castle turns out to be inhabited by a collection of kinky Transylvanian freaks led by a mad bisexual transvestite.  The film gained notoriety as the most successful midnight movie ever, in which hundreds of cult fans show up in costume and act out scenes from the movie.

You are not allowed to bring your own props.  Prop kits are available at the show.  Prop kits include rice (during the wedding scene at the very beginning, throw yours in celebration), a newspaper (during the rain scene, keep dry), noise maker (during the creation speech, celebrate and MAKE SOME NOISE), toilet paper (when the doctor breaks through the lab wall, hurl your "scotts" tissue), and toast (make your toast during the birthday dinner...toss it), will be available at the show for $4.  YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME IN COSTUME.

Doors open at 11:00pm.  Virgin sacrifice before the show.  The movie begins at Midnight.
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Next Midnight Picture Show - Saturday, September 23

Monday, August 14 Acoustic Open Mic featuring Zach Steinbach

Wednesday, August 16 Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, Augusst 17 Poetry Open Mic

Thursday, Augsut 17 Third Thursday Twilight Yoga on the Lawn at 8:30pm

Saturday, August 19 Game Night at 10 Johnson Avenue Coffeehouse

Monday, August 21 Acoustic Open Mic

Wednesday, August 23 Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, August 24 Poetry Open Mic

Saturday, August 26 Game Night at 10 Johnson Avenue Coffeehouse

Saturday, August 26


the Irving Theater welcomes
Thomas Carr Howe
  Reunion & Block Party

on Johnson Avenue next to the Irving Theater

5:00p to 11:00p  |  free

Join us for the eleventh annual Thomas Carr Howe High School All Class Reunion and Block Party on the street next to the theater. An all evening party with food, drinks, great music and, of course, old friends.

Monday, August 28 Acoustic Open Mic

Wednesday, August 30 Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, August 31 Poetry Open Mic

Thursday, August 31


Mark Gasper presents
Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, & Markus Reuter

7:30p / doors 6:30p  |  $25 / VIP $35 advance

Mark Gasper presents Progressive rock legends STICK MEN, featuring King Crimson members Tony Levin (Chapman stick) and Pat Mastelotto (drums, percussion, electronics), together with Markus Reuter (touch guitar).  These musical legends and pioneers will be performing in Indianapolis on Thursday, August 31st as part of their PROG NOIR CHAPTER 4 TOUR.

STICK MEN - Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto, the powerhouse bass and drums of the group King Crimson for the past several decades, bring that Progressive Rock tradition to all their playing.  Levin plays the Chapman Stick, from which the band takes its name.  Having bass and guitar strings, the Chapman Stick functions at times like two instruments.  :Markus Reuter plays his self-designed touch-style guitar, which likewise enables him to cover much more ground than a guitar or a bass.  And Mastelotto's drumming encompasses not just the acoustic kit, but also a unique electronic setup, allowing him to add loops, samples, percussion, and more.

Combined, the three members of STICK MEN take musical exploration to a new plateau, a new dialog, a new language.

The band's latest studio album, Prog Noir, was released in October 2016, and the band is touring the USA and Canada in August/September 2017 to promote the album and bring their new musical language to fans, new and old.

TONY LEVIN - Born in Boston, Tony Levin started out in classical music, playing bass in the Rochester Philharmonic.  Then moving into jazz and rock, he has had a notable career, recording and touring with John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Yes, Alice Cooper, Gary Burton, Buddy Rich and many more.  He has also released 5 solo CDs and three books.  In addition to touring with STICK MEN, he is currently a member of King Crimson and the Peter Gabriel Band (performing with Gabriel on all studio and live recordings, and tours, since he left Genesis 4 decades ago).  Tony also plays in the jazz bands Levin Brothers and LâImage.  His popular website,, features one of the web's first blogs, and has received over 4 million visits.

PAT MASTELOTTO - Very rarely does a drummer go on to forge the most successful career on the demise of their former hit band.  Phil Collins and Dave Grohl have managed it, so too has Pat Mastelotto, a self-taught drummer from Northern California, who has also been involved with pushing the envelope of electronic drumming.  Pat has spent a lifetime jumping genres from pop, to progressive, to electronica to world music with such bands and artists as Mr. Mister, XTC, David Sylvian, The Rembrandts, Kimmo Pohjonen, and for the last 20 years with King Crimson.

MARKUS REUTER - Markus is a composer, guitarist, and producer. Initially trained as a pianist, he subsequently studied at Robert Fripp's Guitar Craft courses.  Markus later learned to play the Chapman Stick, later moving onto the U8 Touch Guitar. Reuter has released several solo recordings and worked extensively with other musicians.  He is one of the core members of the experimental band Centrozoon, is half of the duo Tuner (with Pat Mastelotto) and was also a member of Europa String Choir. Reuter has collaborated with Ian Boddy, Robert Rich, No-Man singer Tim Bowness, and many others.

Join us for an evening of musical exploration and energetic wizardry, seldom seen in Indianapolis.  You need to see and hear STICK MEN in person to believe that rock music can challenge your brain while simultaneously move your feet to a new groove.
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Coming in September

Friday, September 1 First Firday on the Lawn at the Irving Theater

Friday, September 1

Warbranch Productions presents
Sammy Terry
and showing
Hell Walks The Earth
USA 2008 | digital | Dir:  Terence Muncy | 90min | NR

7:00p movie / 9:00p show  |  $5 at the door

Sammy Terry appeared mostly on local television station WTTV, regularly during the 1960s and 1970s.  Two people have held the role. Sammy Terry riginated with Robert "Bob" Carter in 1962.  His son Mark took over the role from his father.
The still relatively new medium of television provided a means for classic films to generate revenue, and as part of that, Universal Studios packaged a set of more than fifty films as part of a "shock theater" package that was shown by many television stations across the country, usually as late-night fare.  When WTTV purchased the set of films, which had been rejected by local CBS affiliate WISH-TV,  Carter was chosen as the host of the new program.  Carter's Shock Theater originally included only still photographs punctuated by voice-over narration during the commercial breaks.  Over time, the popularity of the voice-overs with viewers and sponsors inspired Carter and his producers to develop the character of "Sammy Terry" as an on-air personality—a cloaked, pale-faced ghoul who rose from his coffin on Friday nights, laughed ominously, introduced and occasionally berated the films, and provided commercial-break entertainment.  Renamed Nightmare Theater and with the banter mostly ad-libbed, the show and Carter's portrayal of "Sammy Terry" won him a large-scale following in the region, which allowed him to be ranked with other horror hosts of the era who operated out of much larger broadcast markets.

In the small town of Darksyde, Mike Torrance is suffering... His fiance, Crystal Williams has recently died in an automobile accident... Just as he begins to believe that he can take the pain no more, he uncovers a family heirloom that will change this town forever.... Unlocking the secrets of his family's past.

Saturday, September 2 First Saturday Yoga on the Lawn at 9:00am

Friday, September 8


The September To Remember Tour
Chin Up, Kid
Morning In May
Taylor Scott
Forget Yourself
Old Bones

6:30p / doors 6:00p  |  $12 advance / $14 at the door

Chin Up, Kid was formed in 2013 by Cheyenne Smith.  They shortly after released their debut EP, Home Advantage.  They showed success throughout playing many shows in Indiana including their local stop of the 2015 Vans Warped Tour.  In 2016, the band again self released another EP titled, The Way You Live Is Common. After a few lineup changes, Chin Up, Kid began writing for what would become their full length label debut, Swing With Your Eyes Closed released this past April.
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Morning In May was founded by vocalist Jake Bartolic.  In 2015, the band recorded their award winning EP "I Can't Even' at Studio D Productions with current guitarists Josh Blair and Chris Kaneck.  They decided to follow through with their childhood roots and play music influenced by classic pop-punk and emo acts alike. After the release of "I Can't Even," the lineup was completed with bassist Matt Stephens and drummer Mike Cohn.  Morning in May continues to challenge themselves to compose catchy upbeat tunes with lyrical value to help and or inspire people who share the same love for music.
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Taylor Scott, previous vocalist/guitarist and founder of the Cleveland local Pop Punk band Home For Fall, is continuing to write and perform music on his own.  With Home For Fall, Taylor opened for many touring Pop Punk groups such as Transit, Have Mercy, 7 Minutes in Heaven and more.  He also had the chance to play the Cuyahoga Falls date of the 2015 Vans Warped Tour after winning the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands online contest.

After the other members of Home For Fall graduated and moved on with their lives, Taylor decided to pick back up and continue with his music career all on his own.  He started putting cover videos of popular songs on Youtube, and quickly gained back some of the momentum that he had lost before when his band ended.  Rebranded as a solo act, Taylor Scott is currently booking shows in the Midwest for Spring 2017.
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Saturday, September 9


The Lodge Academy presents
Ableton Music Producers Showcase

7:00p to 9:30p  |  FREE

Come enjoy new music perform live by graduate students of Indianapolis' new advanced music producer program.  Students are graduates of The Lodge Academy, located in the world-class Lodge Recording Studios in Indianapolis.  Each student will perform a 15-30 minute set using the advanced production and performance software Ableton Live.

This class performancers will be announced soon.
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