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Saturday, May 14


Transylvanian Lip Treatment presents
Midnight Picture Show
USA 1975 | digital | Dir:  Jim Sharman | 100min | R

Saturday, May 14  |  Midnight  |  $6
17+ unless accompanying parent or adult guardian

This campy cult classic (which unfortunately, we can't name here, but you can watch the trailer over there) is the most popular midnight movie of all time.  A corn-fed all-American couple stumbles onto a creepy castle one night when their car breaks down, entering a world they never dreamed existed. The castle turns out to be inhabited by a collection of kinky Transylvanian freaks led by a mad bisexual transvestite.  The film gained notoriety as the most successful midnight movie ever, in which hundreds of cult fans show up in costume and act out scenes from the movie.

You are not allowed to bring your own props.  Prop kits are available at the show.  Prop kits include rice (during the wedding scene at the very beginning, throw yours in celebration), a newspaper (during the rain scene, keep dry), noise maker (during the creation speech, celebrate and MAKE SOME NOISE), toilet paper (when the doctor breaks through the lab wall, hurl your "scotts" tissue), and toast (make your toast during the birthday dinner...toss it), will be available at the show for $4.  YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME IN COSTUME.

Doors open at 11:00pm.  Virgin sacrifice before the show.  The movie begins at Midnight.
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Thursday, May 26

the Irving Theater welcomes
Jennifer Knapp
Michael Glen Bell

Thursday, May 27  |  7:30p  |  $18 adv / $20 dos  

Jennifer Knapp's beautifully intimate new album Set Me Free puts her uncommon honesty front and center, solidifying her return to a music career set on her own terms.  Set Me Free, is Knapp’s second mainstream folk rock release after she left her Grammy-nominated Contemporary Christian Music career behind, returning seven years later with the refreshingly straightforward Letting Go in 2010.  While her transition away from Christian music and public coming out as a lesbian have made her a lightning rod for controversy, Set Me Free is an album full not of anger but of love, with intimate arrangements providing the backdrop for stories of romance, friendship, and faith. Coinciding with the release of her candid memoir Facing the Music:  My Story on Howard Books/Simon and Schuster, this refreshing new album once again demonstrates Jennifer’s uncompromising willingness to be open in the spotlight.
Set Me Free focuses on how we interact with one another, how we affect others and how other people, places or life events affect us, shaping us into who we are and how we hope to be heard and understood. “Much of this record centers around intimate conversations between two people,” explains Knapp. “Some songs are between lovers, others friends and some who are going separate ways. Each song is a moment of some pivotal point of declaration or need for understanding from one person or one idea to another.”
Since coming out as a lesbian — a noteworthy story that made her the featured interview subject of an episode of Larry King Live — Jennifer’s poised willingness to speak on behalf of LGBT people of faith has created a new role for her as one of their foremost advocates.  In 2011, she launched the Inside Out Faith series to engage this social justice dialogue. At these presentations, conducted mainly in churches and universities, Jennifer weaves her narrative with her music while sharing candid revelations of her experiences as a gay person of faith. Her memoir Facing the Music furthers the conversation about the importance believing in one’s own story, whatever that may be.
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Friday, May 27


NUVO Members Pick
the Irving Theater welcomes
Coot Crabtree (Indianapolis)
The Yellow Kites (Indianapolis)
Carrie Pietz (Indianapolis)
Scott Coner (Nashville)

Friday, April 22  |  8:00p  |  free ($5 suggested)

Coot Crabtree is an Indianapolis based singer/songwriter who rambles the county lines between Americana, Alt-Country, Rock, Strange Folk & Rootsy Blues.  A little rough around the edges but pure of heart.  Performing homegrown, heart-crafted originals and choice cover songs written by influential artists, there is no specific genre or pigeon hole that fits Mr. Crabtree.

First and foremost, he is a natural born lover of music, and that love is what has inspired him to share his own unique brand and voice. Coot is fortunate enough to have some very talented friends who are also musicians, songwriters and fantastic instrumentalists.  This allows him to perform solid solo showcases or he can easily round up a duo, trio or a full-on band to support and enrich his sound, whatever the situation may call for. From Townes Van Zandt to Jerry Garcia...... or Hank Williams to Wilco, Coot wanders the spaces between.
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The Yellow Kites are Kendall Ludwig (Indianapolis folk-rock artist and from the all-lap-dulcimer duo, Stories of Clockwork- guitar, dulcimer and vocals) and Erina Ludwig (guitar, harmonium, harmonica and vocals).  Erina, hailing from London and Kendall, from Cory, Indiana (population 200 minus 1) met in Indianapolis on July the 4th of 2007.  Erina was on an around the world trip doing volunteer work and Kendall was on the heels of one of his multitude of jobs. The two arranged a breakfast for the next morning, stayed in touch, and exchanged vows in the crisp fall of 2009.

This husband and wife duo have brought together the sounds of classic folk from America to Ireland to East Africa.  From upbeat humour-laden songs to those with reflective lyrics played out in their voices and interwoven with the Appalachian dulcimer, harmonica, guitar, harmonium and viola; their music has brought much needed diversity in a heavily saturated scene.  There sound which has been described as ‘the organic Civil Wars’ is coined as ‘Americana meets well-traveled folk music with closely melded harmonies’.
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Originally born in Pontiac, Michigan Carrie Pietz started playing guitar when she was 12 years old and writing songs when she was 13.  When Carrie was 14 he started charming the hearts of her friends/fans in local coffee shops in the outskirts of the Detroit and playing at local venues at the age of 15.  When she was 21 she moved to Indianapolis and started playing in an all girls band called "All Things Blue".  She also focused on other projects such as acting and filmmaking but continued to form a solid band over the past six years after deciding to go solo.  Her current band is the sound she has been looking for and is on fire with Eugene McGhee on bass, Matt Ley on lead and John Marque on drums.  Carrie likes the full sound of the band and couldn't be happier with her current album "Reckless Decisions".  It is a mix of jazz, funk, folk, blues, pop and rock.  Some people have said, "She is like a female Dave Matthews".  She is always constantly playing and doing as much as possible to keep the art and music community flowing.  She also is a part of Girls Rock! Indianapolis, teaching young girls how to play guitar,deal with social issues,zine making,band format instruction and self defense.
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A self-proclaimed family man, Scott Coner lives with his wife and two daughters on rural farmland near Franklin.  He has recorded songs with a who's who of country legends including Tanya Tucker, T. Graham Brown, and Charlie Daniels. Scott's single "Maybe She Lied", a duet with Tucker on Reedy's Dream Records, hit number one on the United Kingdom's Hot Disk Top 40.  Other songs, including "Sanibel" (a duet with Brown) and "Reedy's Dream" (with vocal and instrumental contributions from Daniels) have been heard on terrestrial and online radio stations around the world.  Also an emerging author, Scott recently penned the book "Lynyrd Skynyrd: Ronnie Van Zant and Me" with Gene Odom, a survivor of the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash.

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Next Songwriter's Circle - Friday, June 24

Saturday, May 28 Game Night at 10 Johnson Avenue Coffeehouse

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