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Monday, February 8 Acoustic Open Mic

Wednesday, Febraury 10 WIDTH= Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, February 11 Poetry Open Mic

Friday, February 13 Martine Locke at the 10 Johnson Avenue Coffeehouse

Saturday, February 13


Transylvanian Lip Treatment presents
Midnight Picture Show
USA 1975 | digital | Dir:  Jim Sharman | 100min | R


Saturday, February 13  |  Midnight  |  $6
17+ unless accompanying parent or adult guardian

This campy cult classic (which unfortunately, we can't name here, but you can watch the trailer over there) is the most popular midnight movie of all time.  A corn-fed all-American couple stumbles onto a creepy castle one night when their car breaks down, entering a world they never dreamed existed. The castle turns out to be inhabited by a collection of kinky Transylvanian freaks led by a mad bisexual transvestite.  The film gained notoriety as the most successful midnight movie ever, in which hundreds of cult fans show up in costume and act out scenes from the movie.

You are not allowed to bring your own props.  Prop kits are available at the show.  Prop kits include rice (during the wedding scene at the very beginning, throw yours in celebration), a newspaper (during the rain scene, keep dry), noise maker (during the creation speech, celebrate and MAKE SOME NOISE), toilet paper (when the doctor breaks through the lab wall, hurl your "scotts" tissue), and toast (make your toast during the birthday dinner...toss it), will be available at the show for $4.  YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO COME IN COSTUME.

Doors open at 11:00pm.  Virgin sacrifice before the show.  The movie begins at Midnight.
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Next Midnight Picture Show - Saturday, March 12

Sunday, February 14


proudly servicing

T-Baby's Caribbean

Simply Divine Cupcakes
Black Acre Brewing
All The Others Were Practice
USA 2015 | digital | Dir:  Brian Tolle | 82min | NR

Sunday, February 14  |  6:00p  |  $8

All the Others Were Practice is the sweet, truly independent romantic comedy of how, with the help of his friends and colleagues, Jôrge navigates setups, hookups, and the guy who works upstairs to find his Mr. Right.

Filmed in San Francisco and the Bay Area by Indianapolis-born Director Brian Tolle, the movie captures the lives of an ensemble cast as they search for something true in an uncertain world.  Join us on Valentine’s Day - bring your true love, or meet them there!

From 4:00pm to 6:00pm meet your friends and neighbors - and the film makers - for a Bite to Eat and a Beer inside the Irving Theater. (Food and Beverage are not included in ticket price, must be 21 with ID to purchase or consume alcohol.)
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Monday, February 15 Acoustic Open Mic

Wednesday, February 17 WIDTH= Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, February 18 Poetry Open Mic

Friday, February 19


the Irving Theater welcomes
Emily Myren
Paul Whitacre
Pensive Sky

Friday, February 19  |  7:00p  |  $10 (dos)

This band of teenagers grew up as best friends that hope to someday revolutionize the meaning of music.

Fairview has been a band since 2010 who now thrives as an up and coming pop/rock band playing shows in and out-of state.  This group of best friends started making music together during high school.  Although they all attended different schools, they still found time to hang out and practice.

Members Matt (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Lizzy (Lead vocals) and Cesar (Lead guitar) all met at a Catholic elementary school called St. Joseph's;  thus creating their everlasting friendship.  It wasn't until high school that they met Becca (violinist), who completed their four member band. But they needed a name!

The four friends would sit around the kitchen table with random books opening to random pages to find words to make up a name.  Some of the things that came out of that experience were definitely memorable, but not band-name worthy.
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Monday, February 22 Acoustic Open Mic featuring Vanessa Silberman

Wednesday, February 24 WIDTH= Fresh Wednesday Market

Thursday, February 25 Poetry Open Mic

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